Hi, my name is Marissa

I am a self-taught programmer and graphic designer from Los Angeles. I knew I loved design from the moment I started my certificate program. I completed a 6 month course in three weeks due to my dedication and determination to learn graphic design elements.
As for programming, I started out with basic web design, before I even knew I had any interest in coding. Almost instantly, I realized I had a knack for it, and continued my journey as a developer. I soon began to delve into game development. Once I realized how much fun I was having with coding, I spent more time perfecting my skill and improving my abilities. I also began playing around with 3D modeling tools.
I plan to gain more experience with coding within the next year. My goal for the next five years is to go to school and complete a bachelor’s program for computer science. In ten years, I would like to be working for a reputable company or start up as a web developer or game designer. From there I hope to be in a stable position as a programmer with experience and tenure.
I hope you appreciate what I have to show you. If you have any questions or comments, or just want to say hi, please feel free to reach out through my contact page. Enjoy!